Megállapodás a JTG Fund-al

[Tokyo, April 4, 2024] - JTG Fund and Carboferr Industrial Holdings have signed an agreement to establish an asset management company dedicated to the acquisition and management of steel and metal industries in Asia, with a primary focus on Japan. The investment fund, totaling USD 500 million, is earmarked for acquiring multiple assets. This joint venture aims to capitalize on the significant opportunities present in the Asian Steel and Metal sector and will prioritize investments in companies distinguished by their innovative technology, outstanding services, and sustainable operations, with a particular focus on energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. Carboferr Industrial Holdings, recognized as a Hungarian Business Superbrand for its exceptional contributions to steel processing (including Acélpartner CNC cutting service center and Fórum+ automotive stamping tool designer and manufacturer) and metal trading industry, brings to the table an illustrious track record in providing purchasing, logistic, and trading-related services, specializing in black and tooling steel products. With extensive experience in steel industry distribution, industrial steel processing, and related raw materials, Carboferr is positioned as a prominent player in the Eastern European steel and metal market. On the other hand, JTG Fund stands as a versatile investment platform tailored for family offices, asset management firms, and corporations, with a keen focus on leveraging emerging hi-tech opportunities in Japan and India. JTG Fund is deeply immersed in the Japanese and Indian SME ecosystem, providing unparalleled understanding and access to SME M&A in these countries. This, combined with the Fund's strong technology focus and end-to-end pre and post M&A expertise, makes them an ideal partner for this venture. The joint venture aims to foster innovation and sustainable growth, forming a multinational asset management group dedicated to the strategic acquisition and management of steel and metal industries.